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I’m going to do a giveaway because of reasons(it’s because of followers, not gonna lie. I’m going to try to buy you. I’m a terrible person.) Anyway… I won this card thing and I got a new job so I can afford this now! This is the default prize pack, all off of ETSY.



•Impala plate bracelet

•Bitch/Jerk rings

•charm bracelet

•exorcism necklace

Doctor Who

•catchphrase ring of your choice

•weeping angel bracelet

•exploding TARDIS popcap necklace

•metal TARDIS bracelet

•TARDIS necklace


•I am SHERlocked necklace

•I O U earrings and necklace

•Holmes/Watson rings

Harry Potter

•Time turner

•Sorting hat necklace

•Harry Potter wrap bracelet thing

•Owl post necklace

Necklaces from…

•Teen Wolf

•Divergent X2

•The fault in out Stars

What do I mean by default pack? I didn’t think it made sense to get a bunch of stuff the winner might not like so here’s how its going to work. I’m going to make an ETSY account and fill the favorites up with all the goodies above and add up the total price with shipping. Then Im going to give the account and final total to you. You’re going to add anything off my suggested list you want in the colors/styles you want to the cart. You can add them all or you can add none, your choice. Then you’re going to go shopping on ETSY until you meet the total price of the listed items(including shipping) I might even give you a little extra wiggle room if I like you. It doesn’t even have to be fandom stuff, Im basically just giving you a shopping spree on ETSY, I just picked stuff out that appeals to people who would like my blog and give me a value range. I might even let you go off ETSY, we’ll talk. Then you’re going to give the account back to me and I’ll pay for your shopping spree and send your things on their way to you. Then we all live happily ever after. Don’t understand and don’t want to ask/don’t want to mess with it too much? Then you can just tell me you want what’s pictured if you win.

Rules and Stuff

•You have to be following me at least until it’s over. I made sure to pick prizes that fit my blog so if you like them you should like it.

•Likes and reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you like but it only changes your position on the list.

•Gotta have ask box open, gotta be willing to give me your address, bla bla bla. I I have to be able to contact you and send you the stuff.

 •Just main blogs please to give everyone a fair chance. If you can’t answer me with the blog I contact you on it won’t count.

•I’m not going to tell anyone you won unless you give me the okay.

 •To choose I’m going to type the number of notes into a random number thing and count down to that person.

•Only one winner, I’ll ship anywhere. They’ll have 72 hours to respond and a week to pick prizes before I choose someone else.

•Keep all this text on it.(Sorry it’s long)

•Ends..ummm Halloween. I’ll pick someone the day after.

•Default prizes may change depending on availability in its shop. If you want to know where anything came from ask me.

 •Am I missing something? I think that covers it all. Ask if you have any questions.

my inner fangirl is forcing me to do this. i know i don’t usually reblog stuff but….i blame her Dx ;;;







"you’re shitting me"

"i will be soon"

it got better



single bells, single bells, single all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride nothing because I’m single, and no one wants to love me.


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